Star Walk in search of Jupiter

Star Walk in search of Jupiter As reported in the news: September 22, 2010, the largest planet in the solar system – Jupiter will approach the Earth at the closest distance in a decade and for some time will become one of the brightest stars in the sky. I would like to see this event with my own eyes. But in the cloudy night sky, it is difficult to see anything other than the moon, which is just at the full moon. The Star Walk program can help us, which, as it were, projects the image of the stars onto the area of ​​the sky where the phone is currently facing. I have already described a similar Star Map program. But there you need to determine the cardinal directions yourself and look for landmarks in the sky. Star Walk itself determines your location by GPS and draws the starry sky at the point where you are and depending on the position of the phone. The program database contains information about more than 9000 celestial objects – stars, constellations, planets. Jupiter can be found to the left of the Moon, and it really shines brighter than all the stars in the sky. Install from AppStore

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