Starfront Clash – Almost Starcraft for iPhone

Starfront Clash - Almost Starcraft for iPhone A new strategy is always exciting! So the developer is Gameloft. We already understand that there will be great graphics! The game is built according to the good old canons of real strategy. Dedicated to fans of Blizzard's immortal space saga Starcraft. Therefore, it cannot be simply bad by definition. In fact, the game is a clone of it, as many people say in aStore. Starfront Clash - Almost Starcraft for iPhone The formula for victory is simple: collect resources, build an army, defeat the enemy. The excellent graphics quality is very pleasing to the eye. Management as for iPhone is excellent. Excellent scrolling and the ability to control multiple units. Well, very convenient. Sound design at the level. But the price of the game bites … You can download the demo version and play a couple of missions for free. And then $ 6.99. So let's try …

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