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Stealth Inc.  - peekaboo At Stealth Inc. you will have to go through difficult trials together with the main character in order to find a way out of a mysterious building. There are as many as 80 levels waiting for you, on each of which you need to solve puzzles, avoiding dangers from merciless enemies. You have no weapons or armor, and the only means of survival is your intelligence and reaction speed … Despite the English interface, figure out what's what in Stealth Inc. can be done very quickly thanks to visual cues. For example, the first such clue will be a photograph of a hand with fingers located on the joystick and other controls, which immediately allows you to understand how the gameplay works. Stealth Inc.  - peekaboo Remember – you are not visible when you are in the shadows. And only by moving under the cover of the shadow, you will be able to cross obstacles, moving between levels. The fact that at the moment your character is 'invisible' is signaled by the green 'not visible' inscription at the bottom of the screen. Stealth Inc.  - peekaboo If you step out of the 'dark zone' even for a split second, it changes color to red, and the status is 'partially visible'. The effect of detection comes instantly – a laser weapon (or other clever device) destroys the little man 🙁 Stealth Inc.  - peekaboo To get the next checkpoint, you will have to regularly hack the system, using special terminals, in each block of the mysterious building. Hacking and opening a new transition takes about 3-4 seconds. That's just bad luck – on the way to each new terminal, there will be more and more various obstacles, and it is not always possible to have time to run, hitting a shrinking wall or not calculating the strength – to run into a laser cutter. Developers Stealth Inc. managed to create an atmospheric product – there is darkness around, and only a small section of the path ahead is illuminated. You can predict your next step or two, but no more. And around, you can observe how the same characters are also trying to find a way out. But unlike you, they have much less chances, and you can watch the sad end of their adventures from the sidelines. Stealth Inc.  - peekaboo The composition ends with musical accompaniment, which makes one feel like a saboteur behind enemy lines, whose task is to quickly get away from the place of the task. This pixelated stealth platformer may not get your attention if you just look at the screenshots. But, it is enough to try to play, as the game draws in from the very first minutes. It will definitely appeal to fans of the genre, but is it worth paying a pretty high price for the pleasure of playing Stealth Inc. the rest – it's up to you.

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