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Stereomood - Advanced Internet Radio [Free] Stereomood - Advanced Internet Radio [Free] Perhaps the name Stereomood will sound familiar to you, and this is not surprising. The music service was born in seemingly distant 2008, its main goal was to form track lists in accordance with a certain mood. During this time, the service gained a decent base of regular users and a friendly atmosphere, well, and then it started – the beta version of the application, which with confident steps led us to what we have now. The Stereomood application for iPhone is distributed completely free of charge, among other things, it is universal and suitable for iPad. Song lists are generated by service users using tags. Therefore, the first thing you need to do to use Stereomood is to register. You can create your own profile in a couple of clicks if you have a profile at Facebook or Twitter. Stereomood will offer you a set of moods or activities and present a selection of tracks: it will keep you daydreaming, share intimate moments, wake you up in the morning and will not let you get bored while cooking dinner. Stereomood - Advanced Internet Radio [Free]Stereomood - Advanced Internet Radio [Free] The music is mostly light and 'unpopular', sometimes there are good jazz and rockabilly compositions in the selections. Any of your moods will be accompanied by an appropriate sound, which can be reproduced stably even with a 3G connection. And from your favorite tracks you can make your own list. Stereomood - Advanced Internet Radio [Free]Stereomood - Advanced Internet Radio [Free] Nuances to watch out for when using Stereomood. Firstly, the app contains ads, although this is not very annoying when iPhone just lies somewhere nearby. Secondly, sometimes the application logs out the user, but this is not so scary. Thirdly, the application is not translated into Russian. In general, Stereomood is a decent and beautiful product, which is useful to have on your own and is not ashamed to recommend to friends. Install from AppStore

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