Stickman Ice Hockey – 100% Arcade Hockey

Stickman Ice Hockey - 100% Arcade Hockey There are not so many really worthy sports simulators for iPhone and iPad in App Store, even fewer are those that really tighten and directly tie your hands to the device from the company Apple. One such prime example of Stickman Ice Hockey is an arcade hockey simulator from the creators of Rope'n'Fly and Fleet Control Djinnworks. To describe the experience of the game in a few words: realistic, beautiful and effective. In Stickman Ice Hockey, the guys from Djinnworks tried to present their vision of how a full arcade hockey should be for iPhone and iPad. Down with licensing of professional players and teams, big names and titles, add arcadeness, convenient controls, realistic physics, powerful AI and high-quality sound, that's what Stickman Ice Hockey is all about. Stickman Ice Hockey - 100% Arcade Hockey From the very beginning, it is clear that the developers approached the development professionally: a high-quality picture on Retina screens, a convenient and functional interface, moreover, simple and unloaded with meaningless game menus and unclaimed functions, pleasant musical accompaniment and this is only the visible side of the game. Stickman Ice Hockey - 100% Arcade Hockey If we talk about gameplay, playing Stickman Ice Hockey is very interesting, the gameplay is seriously addictive, and in order to compete with the AI ​​at the level, you need to learn to actively own iPhone or iPad. Be prepared for the fact that it will not work to drive the puck from the middle of the field, the car is not a fool. Stickman Ice Hockey - 100% Arcade Hockey For those who have mastered the art of management iPhone no higher than the initial level, there are 4 difficulty levels at once, from easy to professional – Stickman Ice Hockey's replayability is great. In the game settings, there are two control modes: in manual mode, the players are completely in your hands, in automatic mode, the machine switches between players and their behavior on the field, you are only responsible for passes and shots on goal. Stickman Ice Hockey - 100% Arcade Hockey If you are just starting to master hockey on iPhone, the developers offer a game without rules, i.e. no offsides and dropping, continuous ice battle. Unfortunately, it will not work to drag the opponent into the fight with his bare hands, the game does not provide for a scuffle on the field, and there is no way to injure the opponent, which is a pity. Special thanks to the developer for a lot of game competitions, this is the tournament of the eastern and western divisions, the world championship, a long and short season, a training mode. Stickman Ice Hockey - 100% Arcade Hockey Controlling the players on the field is carried out with the help of a virtual joystick, with your left hand you control the movements of the players, with your right finger – switching, passing, strikes and power techniques. The joystick buttons are slightly transparent and do not clutter up even a relatively small screen iPhone, there are no inconveniences in playing on a smartphone. Stickman Ice Hockey - 100% Arcade Hockey Summing up, I would like to note that hockey for iPhone the guys from Djinnworks turned out to be very decent: high-quality picture, realistic physics of the gameplay, many game modes, several difficulty levels, strong AI and simple controls. Stickman Ice Hockey is a 100% arcade simulator, for which it's not a shame to pay 62 rubles of hard-earned money. The app is already in the shared account.

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