Street search in MapsOffline

Based on materials from the forum How can you make a street search in MapsOffline.

The main advantage of MapsOffline is that it has a street search, and it works even with the Internet turned off.

The second advantage is the caching of routes that have already been created. And all this is offline, without an Internet connection.

What to do.

1. First, uninstall JasonKit. We also remove the card that you screwed for this program. Reset phone.

2. Download this archive moscow-plist.rar

3. Further, who does not have it, download the map of Moscow itself. Ссылки есть вот здесь

4. We install from the Installer on the Iphone to start Jiggy Runtime. List of repositories from where to put

We put again from the installer of our main character Maps Offline. BigBoss repository (

5. Create a MapsOffline folder at / private / var / mobile / Library, and in it subfolders / Cache, / Routes and / Streets.

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6. Unpack the archive moscow-plist.rar

We throw the file from the Route.plist archive into / private / var / mobile / Library / MapsOffline / Routes.

And we throw the Bookmarks.plist file / private / var / mobile / Library / MapsOffline / Streets.

We throw the downloaded Moscow map into / private / var / mobile / Library / MapsOffline / Cache.

We register the rights 755 for the entire MapsOffline folder. Phone reset.

7. Run the program.

8. Click To Cache. Click MapTiles.sqlitedb 457.7MB (the lowest button). Iphone begins to think for a long time, at least 7-10 minutes. An inscription will appear as in the screenshot. Click OK.

We perform the same operation with To Streets, he thinks quickly. Again the inscription, again press OK.

9. Exit to the main menu. And click Launch Maps.

The map starts. We check it. Checking the street search.

10. Phone reset. We launch the Maps program directly. We check everything the same.

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