Super Mario Run – Run Mario Run …

Super Mario Run - Run Mario Run ... For the generation of the 90s, this is one of the most famous games, and many were waiting for its launch. For Nintendo, this is the first full-fledged mobile game for Android / iOS, and many were eagerly awaiting the return of an old acquaintance, because the announcement in App Store appeared before its release. And our hero can already run and jump again, and you do your best to help Mario save Princess Peach, running through the plains, caves, haunted castles and many other obstacles … When you first start, you will need to specify your country and create a player profile. by entering a nickname and choosing a profile icon, which, in fact, is just a colored avatar. Super Mario Run - Run Mario Run ...Super Mario Run - Run Mario Run ... The plot of the plot in Super Mario Run for iPhone unfolds within literally the first minute – the princess invites you to her cake, but you are ahead of the evil monster Bowser, who steals both the princess and the cake. Mario immediately goes to help them! Super Mario Run - Run Mario Run ...Super Mario Run - Run Mario Run ... Our hero runs without stopping, and even automatically jumps over small obstacles and small enemies. And to jump over something higher or get coins in a hard-to-reach place, you need to tap on the screen. And the longer you hold your finger, the higher it will jump. Super Mario Run - Run Mario Run ... If something went wrong, for example, you were accidentally distracted, and Mario fell into the abyss, something fell on him or someone ate him, the game does not end, he just comes back in a special bubble that bursts after a few seconds and the game continues. Super Mario Run - Run Mario Run ... If you tap during the jump several times, you can perform various tricks for which you add bonus points. In Super Mario Run, the gameplay is implemented in such a way that you can play with one hand, which you quickly get used to. In the game, you will have access to as many as six worlds, each of which differs in the environment, the difficulty of passing, enemies and obstacles. True, there are only three free levels (out of 24), and you have to pay to open everything else. Super Mario Run - Run Mario Run ... In addition to the 'World Tour' mode, two more are available – 'Toad Rally' and 'World Tour', in the first of which you can compete with other players, earning points and collecting coins, and in the second you will need to collect coins and Toads to build own kingdom. In the first day after the release, the application was downloaded more than 5 million times, the game topped the lists of the most downloaded in 62 countries, and continues to gain momentum. Super Mario Run is a game that really worked out. Everything is well done here, and it will appeal to all fans of the genre, not just fans of the original Mario. However, two disadvantages can spoil all the impressions – the need for a constant Internet connection and the high price – to open all the levels, you will have to pay 749 rubles. Either way, the game is well worth recommending – at least in the free levels, Super Mario Run is definitely worth a try.

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