SuperShare – fast file sharing server

SuperShare - fast file sharing server

The new version of the popular application for convenient and, most importantly, fast exchange of files of various formats. The advantages of the application, first of all, will appeal to teachers, students or businessmen, so it is extremely easy to exchange documents using this file server.

There are quite a few areas of application for this application. For example, if you are a teacher and want to show the slides to students, then it is enough to send them all the necessary documents through the SuperShare file server. Of course, for this, all students must have phones or tablets Apple, but since there is no such problem abroad, the program is very popular among pupils and students.

File exchange is supported by built-in BlueTooth and WiFi, access to the server can be password protected. You can work in the application while receiving calls or using other programs.

SuperShare - fast file sharing server

How SuperShare App Works:

1) Run the program on your phone and tablet;

2) Upload the files you want, ask friends, colleagues or students to connect to your server (like in FTP) and watch them download the files you added. Of course, if your friend has the necessary files, you connect to his server and download documents.

3) All the listed operations are available from the program interface. Access to your local server can be protected with a password that only you and your friends will know.

SuperShare - fast file sharing server

What features are available in SuperShare:

– transfer of uploaded / downloaded files via SuperShare using iTunes to a PC or laptop for subsequent editing or copying. Including the possibility of transferring files through the server from other applications on the phone.

– support for many formats, the ability to pack files into archives for faster uploading to the server.

– files can be sent by mail, printed, renamed and viewed in preview mode.

Developer: IRLMobile Software

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 4.0.

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