Survivalcraft 2 – like Minecraft, only cheaper

Survivalcraft 2 - like Minecraft, only cheaper Before the official Minecraft client was released on mobile platforms, I didn't see any crooked crafts App Store! Very poor versions were removed, but low-quality content is like a mythical hydra: you cut off your head – three new ones will grow. Against the background of all this disgrace, the Survivalcraft game from the developers of Candy Rufus Games stood out favorably – perhaps the most adequate game based on Minecraft ever created for iPhone. With the release of the official Minecraft, the popularity of the game has certainly faltered. The situation was corrected by the release of Survivalcraft 2: this game not only offers more opportunities than Minecraft – it also costs half the price! Survivalcraft 2 - like Minecraft, only cheaper At the beginning of the game, you are asked to choose the world settings, or generate a map automatically. There are 4 modes: Challenging – the standard game mode. Animals attack even if they are not attacked first. After death, you can revive (inventory will be empty).

  • Cruel is essentially the same Challenging, but after death it will be impossible to return to the same world – just like in real life.
  • Creative – the player initially has the maximum supply of all possible blocks and is completely invulnerable: if you attack first, the animals will attack, but it will not bring damage. In addition, flight mode and the ability to change the time of day are available. The mode is optimal for creating complex buildings – in fact, the sandbox mode as it is.
  • Harmless – animals do not attack, if they are not attacked, the player receives less damage, and the strength of the blocks is reduced by 25%.

In addition, you can change the character's skin, block texture, sea level, temperature and humidity. You can also “insert grain” – that is, enter a numeric code that contains certain parameters of the world. Thus, two people can generate absolutely identical worlds. Survivalcraft 2 - like Minecraft, only cheaper As the name suggests, the main goal in Survivalcraft is to survive. Everything that can interfere with this: hunger, cold, unfriendly animals and even insomnia – if you don't get enough sleep, you will not be able to move quickly and will almost certainly go to feed some bear dissatisfied with your existence. Survivalcraft 2 - like Minecraft, only cheaper If you get used to it and do not die on the first game day, then the fun begins. Get various materials (however, in Creative mode, you will have them in full anyway) in order to create weapons, tools and other interesting things. Build stone walls to protect your home, set traps for wild animals, grow vegetables, tame horses, zebras and even ostriches – in short, create your own world! But be careful: no matter how strong your house is, the lion can still devour you, as soon as you go out for a walk. Survivalcraft 2 - like Minecraft, only cheaper In this update, the game's interface has been significantly redesigned compared to the original Survivalcraft: the controls have become even more convenient. The graphic component has also undergone many changes – now it is difficult to distinguish it from the desktop version of the game. In addition, the set of available blocks and clothes was significantly expanded, it became possible to create furniture, the game takes into account the temperature and other less noticeable, but equally pleasant little things. Survivalcraft 2 - like Minecraft, only cheaper The game has, perhaps, only one drawback: the lack of multiplayer. Running around the island alone and building an ideal home is fun, of course, but over time it gets boring. If in the next version the developers add such a mode, Survivalcraft could well be called a Minecraft killer.

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