“Sweet Dream” – guarantees a good sleep [Free]

"Sweet Dream" - guarantees a good sleep [Free] "Sweet Dream" - guarantees a good sleep [Free] The name of the app for iPad “Sweet Dream” speaks for itself – it will make your sleep more pleasant and longer. When you first start the program on iPhone, a small preview is loaded, painted according to all the laws of fiction. It tells about insomnia and how to deal with it. In what exactly “Sweet Dream” will help. "Sweet Dream" - guarantees a good sleep [Free] The app presents you with 5 free tips on how to stop staring at the ceiling at night and do the natural thing – to sleep and sleep. The rest of the tips will be unlocked over time, after which they will become available for reading. If you don’t want to waste time, you can pay $ 0.99 and get all the recipes for fighting insomnia instantly. Although, if you honestly use one recipe a day, then over time you will not notice how all of them will already be open. In addition, some of them can be used multiple times. "Sweet Dream" - guarantees a good sleep [Free] All recipes are pretty simple to understand and understand. They are more informative than medical ones and are created as recommendations. More importantly, they are all absolutely safe, do not require any medication and are built solely on your desire to fall asleep as soon as possible. To be honest, I fundamentally disagree with some of the advice. So, for example, they advise to fall asleep to music, although everyone knows that music does not allow the brain to rest. This way, even though you fall asleep, your head continues to work. Most of the advice is really worth applying to people who have sleep disturbances. The developers have done a great job collecting useful information. So, Sweet Dream will help you sleep well. Although the best advice comes from the first meeting with the program: try to stay asleep and do not stay up late. Install from AppStore

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