Take pictures quickly and easily with QuickCam

Take pictures quickly and easily with QuickCam

Many users note a certain 'slowness' of the built-in camera in iPhone, which is why the appearance of an application that allows you to take photos simply, efficiently and, most importantly, quickly, is very relevant for most amateur photographers. This is the QuickCam application in its new version 1.1.1.

While developers and testers unanimously praise the already popular QuickCam application, let's highlight its main advantages:

1) The ability to shoot in a really high-speed mode, 'non-stop'. The user simply clicks on a specific button and the result is a series of snapshots.

Take pictures quickly and easily with QuickCam

2) Another important advantage of QuickCam is that the application allows you to take photos directly in the video mode. Agree, sometimes such a function is simply vital, and of all the popular applications so far only QuickCam can boast of excellent video and photo quality as a result of photo and video shooting.

3) I am also pleased with the possibility of simultaneously adjusting perspective and focus, which professionals will be able to appreciate. Flash support and the ability to switch from front to rear camera will also come in handy.

Thus, QuickCam is ideal where you need to capture a dynamic process, for example, when photographing sports events or while driving.

Take pictures quickly and easily with QuickCam

The new version 1.1.1 fixes the few 'bugs' that were present in the original QuickCam, in particular now the application requires less memory in your phone or tablet. The iTunes pricing is more than reasonable considering how many features fit into one small app.

Developer: Josh Patterick

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 4.1.

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