Talking Mouse – you won't be bored

Talking Mouse - you won't be bored

There are quite a few applications with speaking characters in the Appstore, although most of them are almost copies of each other. But to find something original among all this diversity is another task. So pay attention to the game for iPhone 'Talking Awesomemouse' – you can not only chat with him, but also warm up instead of the gym.

Talking Mouse - you won't be bored

If you think that you are waiting for communication with a cute mouse who, at the sight of any danger, hides behind the closet, then you are very mistaken.

This Mouse will do many in his weight category, he has a good sense of humor, but if he doesn't like something, he might get a little flimsy.

You don't need to create accounts or register anywhere, just click on the play button and that's it. At the first launch, the application will ask you to access the microphone, and then – complete freedom of action.

Talking Mouse - you won't be bored

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You can start a conversation with Myshak, asking how he is doing, how old he is and what he does. Or, if laziness overcomes, but you want to have fun – read some text yourself, and the character will repeat it after you with pleasure. Moreover, he can speak both his own and your voice.

Since the humor of some users is quite peculiar, you need to be careful, otherwise Myshak knows how to stand up for himself – he is a pro boxer in the past, and boxing gloves are always within reach. He understands well what you are talking about, and can respond accordingly. So if you are ready to enter the ring, take a piece of cheese and wait for the gong to strike!

Cheese, like combo attacks, clothes – all this can be exchanged for gold coins:

Talking Mouse - you won't be bored

Talking Mouse - you won't be bored

Defeating such an opponent is not easy, the years of training affect. But the reward will be worthy – not only a cup, but also a set of gold coins that can be used for the things already mentioned and for studying combo attacks. Since the Mouse himself is still a mod, he gets real pleasure from shopping, and the choice in the store is good – caps, gloves, shorts, shirts. In general, there is where to turn around.

The developers of the Talking Mouse app have created a funny arcade game that differs from the usual talking characters. Of the in-app purchases, only a stock of gold coins, but no one bothers you to earn them for free either. Not the most useful application, but it solves the problem of a pleasant pastime.

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