Tanktastic – more tanks [FREE]

Tanktastic - more tanks [FREE] Hello dear friends! Ah, these tanks … they are so popular now. And this advertisement for World of Tanks, which follows us on all pages of Internet sites. Maybe it is here too, look to the right of the text :). GI's Tank Domination is due out soon, and ads will double in size. And today's program for iPhone is just from the category of “tank” troops App Store. It is of course simpler, and the budgets are not the same. How can she surprise us? Tanktastic - more tanks [FREE] Let's not just rant, but go straight to the game. The visual design is done very well, just a little gloomy, but the military theme immediately makes itself felt, so everything is in order here. Tanktastic - more tanks [FREE] The game requires an Internet connection, which is not surprising, so you won't be able to play without a good Internet connection. And the Internet should be really very fast, the minimum type of connection should be 3G, and even catch at the maximum. Well, the most universal and correct is stable WiFi. This requirement for the Internet is due to the fact that the server part of the game begins to slow down the game itself very much, even with a slight drop in speed. And this is not good. Tanktastic - more tanks [FREE] The gameplay itself is simple and straightforward – we play as a tank, there are a lot of them in the game and their number is steadily replenished by the developer. In the lobby, we upgrade our tank and select game modes – there are several of them, and they are standard (and thank God). Tanktastic - more tanks [FREE] We connect to the server, choose a side and go! The control in the game is not bad, but, apparently, again because of the server side, it often slows down and the tank cannot be moved with the left stick – the touch is not recognized. Tanktastic - more tanks [FREE] The game has a regular shooting mode and an aiming mode – very convenient for accurate strikes. Tanktastic - more tanks [FREE] The bottom line? Lovers – to take unambiguously. And the rest are worth a try. Good luck!

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