Taxi control panel in your iPhone: inTaxi app

Taxi control panel in your iPhone: inTaxi app The online taxi ordering service has released an application for iPhone inTaxi. Taxis can be ordered without a single call in just a few clicks. The application is distributed free of charge. The main feature of the inTaxi service is the ability to choose the best option for your trip from those offered by taxi companies: by price, car class, delivery time and reviews from other users. To order a car, the user just needs to indicate the departure address, destination and the time when he needs a car. Taxi control panel in your iPhone: inTaxi app The request is sent to the server, where taxi operators offer their options. inTaxi displays on the screen the possible taxi delivery time and the approximate cost of the trip. The user only has to choose the best option, and the order confirmation and information about the car delivery will come automatically. In case of a bad Internet connection, the information is duplicated by SMS. The application displays the color and number of the taxi being served. When choosing an address, the user can: – specify an arbitrary address, – select one of the large locations, such as airports, train stations, etc. – or indicate one of the popular places nearby, which are determined by geolocation. In one of the upcoming service updates, the application will be able to determine the departure address automatically via GPS. The choice of time is carried out in two modes: by pressing the 'Soon' button or by choosing a specific time using a special scale. The user can set additional conditions: the possibility of smoking in the car, the prohibition of smoking for the driver, the presence of a child seat, air conditioning and oversized luggage. Taxi control panel in your iPhone: inTaxi app The inTaxi service was developed by Venture Brothers. The idea for the service arose 15 years ago when one of the company's founders visited Singapore. The level of automation of local taxi companies and the efficiency of their work suggested the possibility of implementing such a thing in Russia. But until recently, the market was not ready for this. The development of the inTaxi service began in the winter of 2011. Now inTaxi is actively engaging taxi companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and also offers a widget for placing an online taxi order form on partner sites. In the near future the company plans to release an application for Android and other popular platforms, expand to the largest cities in Russia and generally improve the taxi ecosystem in Russia Install from AppStore

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