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Tests and tasks - strain your brains If you like to develop the abilities of your brain and think that classes are better than passing a couple of three difficult tests and solving a couple of quick-witted problems, it simply cannot be, then App Store has something to please you. I present to your listen to the application for iPhone “Tests and Problems”, especially for those who like to “brainwash”. “Tests and Problems” has three sections: logic puzzles and problems, mathematical tests, psychological tests. Thus, almost everyone will find a task to their liking. The entire application contains more than 1000 various tasks, tests and puzzles for the development of intelligence and raising the mood. In general, you will not be bored. Tests and tasks - strain your brains Let's start with the first category – logic puzzles and tasks – here, as you can see, all tasks are also divided into several categories. Moreover, the choice is quite large, ranging from frivolous puzzles to super difficult tasks. Tests and tasks - strain your brains Tests and tasks - strain your brains If you are a born mathematician, then you simply cannot ignore math tests. This category also has its own ranking of tests depending on the direction (addition, division, multiplication, subtraction, and so on) and on the level of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult). However, this tab is useful not only for adults, but also for children who are just beginning to get acquainted with the Queen of Sciences, since here you will find very easy examples and more complicated ones. Tests and tasks - strain your brains And finally, psychological tests. This category deserves special attention, as it contains, perhaps, the most interesting tests, so to speak, of a large “spectrum of action”. Thanks to this, you will be able to learn a lot of new things about yourself and even reveal your hidden abilities 🙂 But, I must admit that some questions in the tests are simply confusing (especially when passing the test “how sexy are you”). Tests and tasks - strain your brains Any puzzle, test or problem you like can be transferred to your favorites (just click on the star), in order to have quick access to it. You can also send your favorite task to a friend by mail to check how smart he is. Good luck!

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