The best flight simulators for iPhone

radar1 At the moment, there are much fewer aircraft owners on our planet than motor vehicle owners, so if the idea of ​​taking a ride at the controls of an airplane comes to mind, things are not going well here, you will have to go to a civil aviation school, jump with a parachute and take ex ams. Although you can put one of the flight simulators in iPhone and try yourself as a pilot of a winged machine.

tc Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

After launching the application, the main character joins the ranks of the elite unit “H.A.W.X.”, fulfilling government orders, you gain experience in aerial combat. After the border conflict, the service is disbanded, but the experienced pilot is noticed by the mercenaries, to be more precise, the private military company Artemis, and this is where the fun begins.

tc-1 tc-2 tc-3 The game features 13 locations and 26 aircraft models, each of which is equipped with an arsenal to destroy enemy forces, both air and ground.

Control is carried out using an accelerometer or touch joystick. There is an opportunity, without leaving the game, to switch the gameplay overview. Aerial combat can be played in local multiplayer mode by connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interface. Good rendering of details, soundtrack and plot of the arcade Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. makes the gameplay pleasant and fun.

By Gameloft iOS 2.2.1 and up $ 4.99 [iTunes link]

tg Top Gun 2

The doors of the American school of fighter pilots “Top Gun” are open to users again iPhone. On our pages, we have already got acquainted with the first part of the game, based on the movie of the 80s. In the month of August, Paramount Digital Entertainmen presented the release of the second part of this wonderful arcade game. In the hangar, for our attention, there are 3 carrier-based fighters: F-14 'Tom's Cat', 'Fighting Falcon' F-16 and 'Hornet' F-18. tg-1 tg-2 tg-3

Added new types of weapons and protection systems, now it will be more fun to smash the enemy's armor to shreds. During the game, your plane will take part in 7 zones of operations, including outer space. Detail rendering has been improved, but now you need firmware 4.0 or higher to install the game.

By Paramount Digital Entertainment iOS 4.0 and up $ 1.99 [iTunes link]

xX-Plane 9

If you seriously intend to fly not a virtual, but a real plane, then the X-Plane 9 simulator, close to real conditions, is quite suitable for initial training. The genre of the application differs from the first two games discussed above, wide functionality is able to recreate a real flight model . It all starts with choosing an aircraft. Having decided on the model, we proceed to create the surrounding conditions – we adjust the wind speed, choose the time of day, the weather. After everything is ready, we will meet at the take-off site, where we have to properly lift the car into the air. x-1 x-2 x-3

During the flight, we will get to know and learn to work with the dashboard sensors, and upon completion, we will have to make a smooth landing. In general, the application is more a simulator than a game, so gamers will like Top Gun or Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. But for future pilots, the application is better than X-Plane 9, I have not seen.

By Laminar Research iOS 3.0 and up $ 9.99 [iTunes link]

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