The best free games for iPhone

22The Karate Kid Please put on a kimono before launching the app. “What for?” – you ask. From this moment on, we start grueling training, breaking boards, honing punches and training on flies. The hero of the movie 'The Karate Kid' is now at iPhone. [ITunes link] 51Stair Dismount Universal A wonderful arcade game will delight sadists. The goal of the game is to help a person fall from the platform, which is not an easy task, since when falling you need to break the maximum number of bones. The face of the little man can be changed to become your strict boss. [ITunes link] 12Dots Free A game of school times, only earlier we used educational notebooks for it, tearing out a sheet, point fights began. The rules remain the same as before – the seizure of territory using points. [ITunes link] 31GodFinger All Stars You play the role of Almighty God, who is in charge of a lifeless planet. The game has a lot of possibilities. Showing their organizational skills, the world turns out to be very pretty. Added support for Plus + network. [ITunes link] 41Tap Tap Revenge 3 Balls running on strings are notes that need to be hit in a timely manner. Tapping to the beat makes music. The game is challenging but addicting. Guitar Hero, PIU and DDR fans will love it 100%. [ITunes link]

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