The Camcorder – Video with VHS Effect [Free]

The Camcorder - Video with VHS Effect [Free]

Taking photos and videos is one of the most popular use cases for modern smartphones. It would seem that new can be invented in this area? The developers of The Camcorder app give a decent answer to this question, offering you a tool for recording warm and 'tube' video, which can be seen, perhaps, only on old school videotapes from the home collection.

Remember, once on television there was such a popular program, 'Your Own Director'? So, now nothing prevents you from getting a similar video from your iPhone. Vintage in its purest form, and you do not need to waste time on complex processing, the application by default produces a video with an effect similar to VHS tapes.

The Camcorder - Video with VHS Effect [Free]

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After installing the Camcorder on your device, all you need to get started is simply launch the app and press the big red record button. No fancy settings, instructions, or anything else. Everything is simple and clear, even a child or a person who first picked up a smartphone can handle it.

In the lower left corner, the date and time are displayed, as in the very home videos that we once watched with our parents.

The Camcorder - Video with VHS Effect [Free]

Yes, The Camcorder does not have a variety of settings and special effects, unlike the same VHS Camcorder, but this application performs its main function just fine. At the same time, you can install it for free and there are simply no in-app purchases.

Did you miss the apps that allow you to create something really interesting with your iPhone? Do you want to post a video on your social media page in 2015 that looks like it was shot in the mid-90s? No problem, The Camcorder is exactly what you need.

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