The Cartographer: stylish roadmap viewer

The Cartographer: stylish roadmap viewer Users of the offline version of the service Google My Maps (GMM) will love The Cartographer, a functional application with a stylish 'antique' interface, which allows you to synchronize all maps created by the owner of the GMM account with a smartphone iPhone. Let's briefly explain the essence of GMM work. With the help of this service, which is available in both online and offline versions, the user is given the opportunity to create their own maps, plot tourist routes on the service maps, share maps with friends via email and social networks, and download / edit maps of other users of the service. The Cartographer software, in turn, syncs custom GMM maps with iPhone, which makes it possible to use maps without the need for a remote connection to a PC via Wi-Fi or roaming. The Cartographer: stylish roadmap viewer Advantages of The Cartographer app: 1) Create and edit maps via GMM on your PC desktop and fast sync with iPhone. 2) The stylized vintage interface of the program, which is not only beautifully designed, but also easy to use. 3) Information about the completed trip or journey can be virtually posted directly on the maps, leaving tags and colored markers for subsequent restoration on the map of the route traveled and visited cities and places. 4) User-created maps can be sent to friends by email or via the social network Twitter. 5) Download offline maps of other users through the OpenStreetMap system. 6) Friends and relatives will be able to recommend places to visit, marking restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. on the user's map with individual markers. Edited and emailed maps will be saved as part of The Cartographer. The Cartographer: stylish roadmap viewer Verdict: The Cartographer is a great low-cost app for those who regularly use GMM and like to plan their travel and business trips in advance. Developer: A Tasty Pixel Current version: 1.4.5 Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.1.

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