The Room Three is a continuation of one of the best puzzles

The Room Three is a continuation of one of the best puzzles

The first piece of the puzzle 'The Room' appeared back in 2012, and since then the interest of players in this series has not faded, which is confirmed by the fact that all parts of the series are virtually constant in the top of the AppStore. Few succeed, and the gaming community was really looking forward to The Room Three's debut for iPhone …

From the very first minutes of the game, you will find yourself in a whirlpool of events – a mysterious island, messages from a stranger who calls himself the Master, and a search for truth, on the way to which you will have to solve many mysteries, dealing with thoughtful quests and ingenious mechanisms.

The objects that will come across to you on the way are interconnected, and only unraveling the previous riddle allows you to proceed to the next quest. To solve puzzles, you will have to use various combinations of gestures, and realistic interaction, accompanied by audio and visual effects, will add pleasure to the process.

The Room Three is a continuation of one of the best puzzles

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In addition to using objects, you will get a new tool – an eyepiece that will allow you to see things invisible to the naked eye and, literally, get inside some objects.

A sinister, intriguing soundtrack, combined with thoughtful visual design, will make you feel like a real detective. And even if, at times, over solving the riddles in The Room Three you will have to sweat a lot, the pleasure received while solving the next puzzle of the puzzle is more than worth the effort.

The Room Three is a continuation of one of the best puzzles

In the two years since the release of the first game in the series, both the original and the sequel have received numerous awards and rave reviews from users. Apparently for a reason, The Room continues to stay at the top of game ratings and enter the lists of the best genre games.

In The Room Three, the developers at Fireproof Games took into account many of the wishes of the gaming community, working on the plot component, which turned the quest into a real 'adventure'.

at the same time, leaving the same unique atmosphere. The graphics in the game have become even better, and the puzzles are more interesting. Despite the price tag, this great puzzle game is definitely worth recommending to all fans of the genre. It doesn't matter if you played in the first two parts – you definitely won't have to regret the purchase you made. The app can be downloaded from a shared iJuice account.

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