The Tribez – Adventures in a Mysterious Village [Free]

The Tribez - Adventures in a Mysterious Village [Free] There is a whole class of games for iPhone, where the main task is to build your own society: a city or a whole metropolis. It's like a pet Tamagotchi, only at the level of the XXI century. The Tribez application allows you not only to build your own town with interesting ones, but also puts before you many mysteries, the study of which gives an incentive to play. The Tribez is from the genre of games where you need to either save energy, or spend some time building buildings and completing various tasks. Before you is a vacant lot, which you gradually build up and find out that you are not just a small town planner, carrying out missions to collect potatoes from the fields and extract wood. A mysterious object crashed near your settlement, and a strange professor sometimes asks you to carry out missions. In a word: there are more questions and answers, and even after three days of more or less diligent play, I am completely ignorant of how it will all end. The Tribez - Adventures in a Mysterious Village [Free] In terms of the game process itself, everything is much simpler. There is not much to say here, since you have an ordinary city, several residents who need to build houses, bars, cafes. You have a main house – something like a town hall. Almost all buildings need to be improved: they either open up additional opportunities or bring in more income. There are many buildings and they are all different in function and design: there are warehouses / barns, fields, residential buildings, cafeterias and just an unrealistic number of other buildings including benches, bushes and flower beds. I admit, everything looks very nice – a solid 5+ for the work of a designer. The Tribez - Adventures in a Mysterious Village [Free] But do not think that you will relax in the game, since many tasks are constantly open to complete. In addition to the classic ones: wood, food and stone, there are also minerals. And also everyone's favorite gold, in the form of coins. It can be earned by completing a mission and collecting income from houses and other buildings. In addition to the hard-hitting coin, the game has crystals that can be bought for dollars. They can increase the speed of work, close the task ahead of schedule. They cost quite a lot, and in the game you can do without them. In fact, everything is done very, very well in the game: gameplay, design – everything is great. The fact that there is a sin to conceal, the application is really fascinating. But at one point, the developers overdid it. Upon reaching each new level, or after completing a mission, the game transfers you to the application Facebook and Twitter. How to get rid of this – I have no idea, but sometimes it really deduces. In general, The Tribez is made on a level, no serious reproaches. If you are a fan of games of this genre, the question is simply not: it should definitely be on your iPhone. Install from AppStore

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