The Voice – sing the best! [Free]

The Voice - sing the best!  [Free] The application for iPhone The Voice was created based on the popular TV show, which recently aired on Channel One. If you don't know, I tell you: talents from all over Russia participated in the 'Voice' show (the participants competed to see who sings better), and at the end the winner was determined and he (or rather her) was awarded the title of 'The best voice of the country'. By the way, it is this 'voice' that will represent our country at Eurovision this year. The Voice - sing the best!  [Free] Let's go back to the application. The application allows you to feel like a star, and in the truest sense of the word! TThe Voice is nothing more than a karaoke app. And, for each song performed, you get a rating point. The application also has a built-in Auto-Tune, which makes your performance more enjoyable. The Voice - sing the best!  [Free] The application must be registered in order to use it to its fullest. You can also use your existing account at Facebook to log in. The Voice - sing the best!  [Free] After registration, the fun begins. The application has in its arsenal about 200 hits for every taste. This is only in the free version, which can be expanded by paying $ 1.99. There is also an option to subscribe so that the playlist is updated as often as possible. The subscription price depends on the period, the minimum is $ 1.99, and the maximum is $ 24.99. The Voice - sing the best!  [Free] The Voice gives you the opportunity not only to sing your favorite song, but also to record your performance, and then brag to your friends in Twitter or Facebook, and you can also send a recording of your performance by e-mail. Here is your chance to become famous! Also, in addition to the 'karaoke' mode, the application provides a 'Battle' mode, in which you can compete with other users in performance. The Voice - sing the best!  [Free] And, if you are interested, then all users can be viewed on the website, where by the way you can also see the rating of each of the participants, including yours. The Voice - sing the best!  [Free] In general, the application is very good, but taking into account all the subscriptions, it turns out to be expensive. But, if you do not mind the money, it's worth installing it.

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