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Tinder - local dating Perhaps the most popular dating app at the moment. It seems that it actually appeared out of nowhere, and quickly gathered a whole army of users. Moreover, the creators of Tinder managed to do this equally successfully in almost every country in which they work. Let's try to understand everything in more detail. Tinder for iPhone is a dating app that determines your location using GPS and then shows people who are in a certain radius nearby. Registration is carried out through Facebook, and from where the data for your profile is pulled up – photo, age, interests. Tinder - local datingTinder - local dating By swiping a photo to the left, you signal to the app that you don't like the person. But if you put a mark in the form of a 'heart' and get a mutual 'like', the chat will become available for both of you for further communication. That is, it is necessary that the sympathies of two people coincide. Tinder - local dating By the way, an interesting idea to note. We already have a review of the Find Face program, which allows you to find the profile of the person you are interested in on VKontakte, for which you just need to upload his photo and start the search. So this is the point – nothing prevents you from using photos from Tinder to find a person using Find Face, you get an excellent combination when one application complements another. True, so far Tinder works only with facebook and Find Face with VKontakte. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Tinder is that it's very easy to use. From the first launch to finding a partner for dating, it will take, well, perhaps two minutes. You don't even need to add your own photos, the application will take it from Facebook. Even common acquaintances are shown, as evidenced by a special icon. Tinder - local datingTinder - local dating If we talk about the minuses, then, in my opinion, there is only one drawback – there is no way to specify more detailed settings for the search. But, probably, this is one of the features of the application, since you never know whose 'card' you will be shown next. Tinder Plus is also worth mentioning – additional options that are available through in-app purchases. Users who pay for the paid functionality will receive such opportunities as expanding the range of acquaintances (you can communicate with people from other cities), the ability to cancel a swipe made and a number of other pleasant little things. Overall, Tinder leaves a positive impression with its ease of use and minimal interface. If you are looking for new acquaintances and communication with interesting people, this is exactly the application that you need. Would have done the same for VKontakte – it would have been a hit in Russia App Store.

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