TinyScan – fast document scanning [free]

TinyScan - fast document scanning [free] Hello dear readers! There are different situations in life in which such functionality may be required, which you cannot even think of in everyday non-stop. For example, at work you need to scan a document, but there is no scanner at hand. What to do in this case, because the document is needed urgently, and the bosses will be angry … or maybe you just need to throw off, for example, a scan of your passport for registration somewhere and you also need to do this urgently. What can help out in all these situations? That's right, friends – this is the TinyScan program! TinyScan - fast document scanning [free] When entering the program, we are immediately offered not to waste time on trifles and click on the camera icon and start. Well, let's believe the hint and press: the camera opens and, accordingly, now we need to take a photo of the document, the scanner of which we need to get. You just need to photograph in a special way. “How?” – Yes, so that the document is completely placed in the camera frame. TinyScan - fast document scanning [free] In general, as you already understood, the program is the so-called scanner in the phone, with which you can take any photo, then adjust the frames and the program will process the photo with such a filter that will maximally emit the effect of the scan from under the printer / scanner. Not bad, huh? We take a photo, choose a frame, click “Next” and that's it – we have quite an acceptable “scan”, which can later be dropped onto a computer and printed, and no one will even understand where the trick can lurk here. TinyScan - fast document scanning [free] TinyScan - fast document scanning [free] As a result, the program turned out to be very cool – even purchases are not imposed (among them, by the way, buying a place in an online data warehouse)! We just use it to our health, and that's all. I advise everyone to download and try in business, since the program is free, and you will not lose anything financially. Good luck using it !!!

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