Toca Nature – Minecraft for kids

Toca Nature - Minecraft for kids We recently had an article where we tried to analyze the success of Minecraft. Well, children, they look like adults, and also love toys … Judging by the rating App Store, one of these games is the children's sandbox Toca Nature, in which your child can independently create a natural landscape, plant various types of trees and will care for forest, water and mountain wildlife … Toca Nature - Minecraft for kids Toca Nature is a kind of Minercraft created especially for children. You become the owner of a small plot of land where you need to create and develop a nature reserve, which would be inhabited by various types of wild animals: beavers, hares, foxes, wolves, bears and woodpeckers. Each species lives in a specific environment that you need to design and create: plant a coniferous forest, create a body of water, a river or a mountain range. Environments can overlap or contain one another, but then you should be careful that animals are always full and do not hunt each other (especially bears). Toca Nature - Minecraft for kids To create a forest, lake or mountain on the toolbar, select the desired element and touch the screen iPhone to place it on the surface. Depending on which type of trees you choose, different animals will live in the forest: hares, deer, foxes or bears. Wolves live in the mountains, beavers in water bodies. Toca Nature - Minecraft for kids Toca Nature is not limited to the creation of a reserve, after it is ready – develop it: feed the animals and monitor the well-being of the territory. Animals eat differently: foxes eat fish, beavers and bears, mushrooms, deer and hares, berries. Make sure they are full and do not leave their territory in search of food. Toca Nature - Minecraft for kids Toca Nature - Minecraft for kids There is no textbook in Toca Nature, so you will have to understand the game technique on your own, since it is not at all difficult – they did it for children. Although the game looks far from childish: fully three-dimensional graphics and a very beautiful and relaxing soundtrack. Toca Nature - Minecraft for kids Say what not, but the children's sandbox captivates not only children, albeit for a short time. It will be interesting and, most importantly, useful for children to play Toca Nature: the sandbox will tell the child about wildlife, the habitat of wild animals and their diet, and will do it effectively. It is sold in App Store at a price of 199 rubles and has an almost maximum rating.

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