TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

The best games for iPhone X are apps that look good on the display of this bezel-less flagship and have unusual or more advanced graphics than other mobile entertainment.

The best games for iPhone X

Modern combat versus

Modern Combat Versus belongs to the popular shooter series. The graphic design of the application best demonstrates the technical characteristics of smartphones iPhone X and 8. The developers released 5 parts of this game, after which they decided to focus on creating multiplayer. This application is the ideological successor to Call of Duty and Overwatch.

The user is given a choice of 12 versatile heroes, each of which has different combat abilities.

Download Modern Combat Versus from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

Old Man's Journey

The adventure game Old Man's Journey tells the story of the life of an elderly person. The graphics in this app have been completely hand-drawn and the large screen iPhone X captures the gaming atmosphere well. The app combines spatial puzzle and classic 2D 'adventure'.

Download Old Man's Journey from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

The talos principle

The Talos Principle is a sci-fi puzzle game developed by the studio that brought the world the computer game Serious Sam. The game has good graphics and offers the user to solve 120 different problems.

Download The Talos Principle from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

Alto's Adventure

The uncomplicated Alto's Adventure application is a scroller with nice graphics and soundtrack. Armed with a snowboard, the main character must find and collect the llamas scattered around the world. The game features beautiful landscapes, including snow-covered trees, forests and ruins.

Download Alto's Adventure from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 app is a sequel to the cult runner about the zombie apocalypse with improved graphics. To survive, the hero moves all the time, firing back at the walking dead. At the same time, the amount of ammunition is limited, which makes the game look more realistic.

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Download Into the Dead 2 from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

Splitter critters

The Splitter Critters puzzle offers the user to help the aliens find their spaceship in order to return home. The mechanics of the game are simple but addicting. The application has 5 diverse worlds, 40 main levels and several bonus levels. The difficulty level increases with each stage.

Download Splitter Critters from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

Chameleon run

The Chameleon Run application has a non-standard gameplay and colorful design, thanks to which it is well perceived on the display iPhone X. It is a universe of multi-colored platforms and obstacles that a small person under the control of the user must overcome. The player needs to avoid contact with black blocks and platforms. To go to the next level, you need to collect balls and crystals.

Download Chameleon Run from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

Twisty road

In the Twisty Road app, you need to control a ball that rolls along an endless road. The game offers several themes to choose from, with the display iPhone X being the best for performing in dark colors. The controls and graphics in the game are minimalist. The accelerometer is not used for control. The level is endless, but the user will need at least 1 hour to get at least 100 points. Detailed statistics will be provided at the end of each race.

Download Twisty Road from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

The Machines

The Machines app is one of the first projects to use AR technology. Using the smartphone camera, the user must move around the battlefield, giving orders to his troops. The battle can be viewed from any angle, making it possible to make complex tactical decisions. Battles take place in Real-Time mode in large locations. If the user is not interested in battles with artificial intelligence, then a multiplayer mode is provided.

Download The Machines from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

The witness

The Witness puzzle begins with simple labyrinths in which you need to find your way out. As you progress through the puzzle mechanics become more complex. Over time, the user has to solve synchronous puzzles of 2 mirrored lines. The game has a minimalistic interface and storyline. The user has to find out who the main character is and how he ended up on the island with puzzles. Attentive players will find audio recordings that partially open the veil of secrecy.

Download The Witness from App Store.

TOP 10 popular games on iPhone X

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