TOP-5 reality simulators

Previously, simulators were considered only computer games. It's hard to see how you can capture so many actions on your phone screen. And yet, simulators were able to prove that they are quite suitable for touchscreens and were able to fall in love with a huge number of users of various platforms and devices.

TOP-5 reality simulators

Developers play an important role in achieving the convenience of the game. These people were able to prove that playing simulators can be convenient in a smartphone, and the fact that 'tap' and 'swipe' is no less convenient than using a bulky machine, we already know.

Today we bring to your attention the TOP simulators for iOS. These games are not only suitable for you, they are also a great pastime for the whole family and will interest even a non-advanced user. Don't expect to see games in this top that are completely true to reality. We decided to add to this top those applications that contain elements of reality: illness or construction. The top was compiled according to the subjective opinion of the author.


Probably the most famous reality simulator in the world. The developers did their best and released a version for iPad and iPhone, for which many thanks to them.

TOP-5 reality simulators

Let's take a look at what functions are available to us:

  • Character Creation. Which is also known as 'sim'. Despite the poor functionality, the creators of the platform game tried to leave all the interesting moments when creating your 'sim', which users will definitely like. You can choose the character traits, habits, personality of your character, which will allow you not only to choose an image for yourself, but also to experiment with what sometimes you cannot afford in real life.
  • Cooking and home renovation. All this is disguised as a mini-game. You need to be on the lookout for your soup to burn or make repairs a burden. And by removing the old scheme or replacing it, you can easily repair your home.
  • You can also look for work in the game. To do this, you just need to call or go to the labor exchange. After that, you can choose a profession that you like. At first glance, it seems that this is where the interest ends, but do not forget to demand a promotion from your superiors! After that, you can be sent on an interesting business trip, for example, to another country to study a foreign language.
  • To travel overseas, you need to go to the nearest airport. After that, the game will begin in which you must resist the 'air sickness'. And upon arrival, there are many exciting excursions and opportunities to develop your 'Sim'.
  • The only difference from the 'computer' version is the impossibility of having children. But even without this, the game will seem to you fascinating, one for which it is not a pity to give a certain amount of dollars.

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Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. Is a simulator, during the game in which you need to infect the maximum number of people on the planet with an incurable virus, constantly developing and adapting to the conditions of our planet.

TOP-5 reality simulators

First you need to infect one person. Then, in the course of the game, the disease begins to be transmitted to other countries and continents, infection is possible through animals and migratory birds. You can get infected with it both by accident and not by accident. Accidental infections include non-human infections and accidents. A planned sabotage, for example, a group of monkeys or the transport of a virus by plane, can be classified as non-accidental.

For the death of people, you get points that can be used to complicate the virus or mutation.

Also, a disease can have a mutation, then it gets a symptom without spending DNA points. The game can also suddenly infect people or complicate a disease without having to spend points. It is allowed to collect combinations of diseases that accelerate the process of infection.

You can influence the characteristics of the disease – severity, mortality and infectiousness. This affects the chance of an infected person dying, the difficulty of making a vaccine, or the chance of infecting other people. But people will actively interfere with you, hurry up, your time is very limited.

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Papers, Please

The action takes place in the last century. You are a customs officer in the fictional state of Arstotsk and only you can decide whether to let another refugee pass or not.

TOP-5 reality simulators

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Each of the 30 days your task becomes more complicated: you need to check not only your passport, but also the necessary documents for entry. Government officials also come, to whom a special method of inspection must be displayed. You also have the right to inspect or detain an unwanted visitor to your customs.

The number of difficulties is also growing: it is difficult to keep track of all grammatical errors, mismatched dates and people on the wanted list.

For every citizen you miss or not, money is paid. You have to pay for utilities, food and heat, otherwise your family will die and the game will end.

Many social problems will also have to be solved: it is difficult not to feel sorry for a poor old man who is offended at home, or a husband whose wife did not have time to make the necessary documents. If you manage to hold out in the game for a long time, then you will be given a gun with cartridges for shooting terrorists or saboteurs. The game has 20 different endings.

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Clash of clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game based on defending your own and attacking other people's fortresses. You can play both campaign and knockout tournaments, in which you must have a good rating. Even if you don't want to play in PvP mode, you still have to defend your fortress from enemy attacks. For winning you get a variety of resources and trophies.

TOP-5 reality simulators

As part of the storyline, you will fight goblins, capturing their fortresses. But this is the only line, otherwise the game takes place in free to play mode. The main feature of the game is creating your own clan or joining an existing one. After that you will start taking part in clan wars. When joining a clan, your base becomes more powerful, and it also becomes possible to request help from stronger and more powerful players. With their help, you will capture not only large and powerful villages, but also repel attacks on your own.

One of the features of the game is the process of pumping the village and units. It takes a long time, since with each level the upgrade costs more and more and takes much longer. There are also types of clan wars in which you receive cups and a certain amount of resources for a successful attack

There are 50 levels in the game (but only the first 10 give privileges) and 4 types of resources: gold, elixir, black elixir and crystals.

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SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a city building simulator. You start completely from scratch, gradually building up the housing stock and infrastructure.

TOP-5 reality simulators

Factories will produce raw materials, shops (the number of which is limited) will produce and sell products from factory raw materials, and you can also build new houses on this resource. They are being built in stages, transforming from shacks into modern buildings of glass and concrete.

The higher the game level for you, the higher the level of requests among the population of your city:

  • electricity is needed,
  • water and sewerage,
  • organize city services (fire, police and ambulance).

It is also necessary to have entertainment:

  • city ​​parks,
  • sports facilities,
  • gambling establishments and architectural monuments.

These buildings are bought for special currency – keys that you get for completing daily tasks or restoring buildings. This will increase the mood and well-being of citizens, which in turn will increase your gaming well-being.

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We hope you find the game you like in the top. I would choose Papers, Please. Despite the exotic graphics, the application wins in the plot and thought of career advancement. Straight real life!

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