Top Camera 2 – even more settings [Free]

Top Camera 2 - even more settings [Free] Hello! I think many people lack functionality in their camera iPhone. I would like to turn on the manual mode and play with the settings, but this cannot be done from the standard camera application. In this case, our today's application – Top Camera 2 will help you. Download the program from the AppStore for free (only for a few days), but for now I will tell you in more detail what it can do. But before we start, I will say that the application is available on both iPhone and iPad. Top Camera 2 - even more settings [Free] The functionality is really rich, no doubt about it. At launch, the camera you already know in many ways will open, but with some additions. Immediately a 'virtual horizon' catches your eye to help you align your camera accurately and take a good shot. There are also sliders along the edges that adjust the exposure, focus, and zoom settings. Top Camera 2 - even more settings [Free] The 'more' button located in the lower right corner will help you five photo modes: Standard, HDR, Slow Shutter, Night Mode, Superfast Burst, as well as 3 video modes: Normal mode (30 or 60 frames per second), Slow motion, Time Lapse. Top Camera 2 - even more settings [Free] We should also talk about the photo editor in this program. Viewing the finished photo in the program, by pressing the EDIT button, you will go to the editor, where you will find adjustments: exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, juiciness, clarity / fuzziness, shadows, highlights, as well as 64 effects, divided into 8 groups. Top Camera 2 - even more settings [Free] Top Camera 2 is a great app and is currently available in the AppStore for free. So, feel free to download and try.

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