Topfriend – for live communication [Free]

Topfriend - for live communication [Free] Every person always wants to be in touch. Moreover, in this case, it is not about the possibility of making calls or sending SMS, but about communicating with a large number of people, exchanging pictures, videos and music, as well as receiving information about everything new that happened in the life of the interlocutor. As you know, such opportunities are presented by social networks. However, to use them in full, you need a computer and the Internet. Of course, you can use mobile applications, but they significantly limit the freedom of action, and this instantly becomes the reason that interest is lost. To date, there is a way out – this is the Topfriend application. It is specially created for those who are constantly used to being in touch and learning about everything new that has appeared in the life of his friends. If you are interested in such an unusual software product, then you should get acquainted with it in more detail. Topfriend - for live communication [Free] Topfriend - for live communication [Free] Topfriend is a modern product focused on mobile devices running iOs and Android operating systems. It's no secret that 95 percent of mobile devices use them. The application does not require a powerful processor or significant memory card space. In addition, Topfriend will not affect the performance of other programs. Topfriend is simple and easy to use. Experienced users of the Internet and applications will be able to familiarize themselves with the functionality in a few minutes and soon use it one hundred percent. As for those who are not yet very familiar with the Internet, but want to learn all the intricacies, then in the application this will allow you to make an intuitive interface. All important functions and buttons are visible. If questions arise, they can be resolved by asking a question to a friend. Topfriend - for live communication [Free] Topfriend - for live communication [Free] Topfriend is a full-fledged social network that is no worse than existing analogues. As well as there, here you can: – send and receive messages. Use emoticons in conversation and change the language; – add friends. Send and accept applications for adding; – share personal photos, cool images, videos and music. Every day in our life there is something that we would like to share with friends. After taking an interesting picture, you should save it in the device memory, and then unload it and show it to a friend; – to learn a lot of new things from the life of friends. It is natural to visit each friend on the page for a long time, especially if their number is represented by several dozen. In this case, you can learn everything new through the news feed, which is updated every minute; – fill out a profile about yourself. If you have a desire to tell about something from your life, then this can be done through your personal profile. What kind of data to place – age, phone number, interests, marital status and others – is already a decision of everyone personally; – create events and invite friends to them. Planning a birthday and want to invite someone? You can easily do this by creating an event in the application and marking the people you would like to see on it. Topfriend is an application that allows you to find friends on the map. To do this, you just need to launch it, go to the map and see where your friends are now. They can also find anyone if they use this feature. Ultimately, I must say that all these options, functions and capabilities are provided absolutely free. Now, being anywhere, you can always be in touch with loved ones, friends and all those who are especially dear.

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