Touch Roulette: online Russian roulette game for IPhone

Touch Roulette: online Russian roulette game for IPhone Of course there are fans of gambling, but I wonder if there are fans of the game of Russian roulette? Most likely, there are few, if any, people willing to take risks in the real game of Russian roulette. It is unlikely that anyone wants to have fun in this way, in which there is a high probability of taking out their own brains with a pistol loaded with one bullet in a drum. Unless, of course, the goal is to commit suicide or a huge jackpot is at stake .. And if the best Russian casino cannot offer its visitors such a game, then modern computer technologies have solved this problem. Meet another novelty on the iPhone – the game Touch Roulette. It is she who can become a safe substitute for risky Russian roulette with a real pistol. The game of Russian roulette on the iPhone undoubtedly has its advantages and advantages, unlike a similar real game. Perhaps the most extreme gambling entertainment for the IPhone was created by DS Media Labs. According to the creator of this program, the free roulette game Touch Roulette will be friendly to you and, moreover, will allow you to resolve a variety of disputes and conflict situations in real life. In this case, you will absolutely not need to risk the removal of your own brains. In order to invite yourself or your friends to play Russian roulette, you just need to install the application of this game on your IPhone. In order to appreciate all the advantages of the Russian roulette simulator for the IPhone, we suggest you watch a special video:

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