Toy Story: Townships

Toy Story: Townships Exciting 3D puzzle game from Walt Disney based on the well-known cartoon 'Toy Story'. The plot takes place in a room with toys, the game comes from Buzz Lightyear and the meaning of the game is to throw balls with special bonuses to shoot down aliens and break through their defenses. Alien protection is based on walls made of bricks, wood, glass, train cars and other obstacles. The application has 4 episodes and 60 intricate levels, to pass to the next fragment you need to earn stars by completing the levels with three stars. Toy Story: Townships In the first episode, there is training, and you just fight with aliens, in the second, the fight takes place with them, but already in the wild west, in the third stage, a fabulous mode, and in the fourth you will have to return the time machine. There are bonuses in the game, such as dynamite, upon hitting which an explosion occurs, and buttons that activate mechanisms that help you defeat the enemy. At the initial levels, you come across hints in the form of targets, upon hitting which defensive structures can be solved. Toy Story: Townships To throw a projectile, just touch the part of the screen behind Buzz, and start aiming. If you need to reset the sight, swipe up until a red cross appears, after which you can remove your finger from the screen. For better aiming, change your position while moving around a certain area of ​​the perimeter. Toy Story: Townships Toy Story: Townships The game has excellent graphics, but to determine where the ball is flying now, you have to look at its shadow. In general, the application turned out well, it contains famous characters, a tempting plot and levels that are fascinating in their complexity. This toy will cost you one dollar, for the price of a chocolate bar.

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