Tracking bright satellites of the earth

All with the arrival of really warm weather, when it is no longer so cold to hold the phone in your hands while outside and at the same time the smartphone does not want to turn off at the most inopportune moment.

Today I will tell you about an extremely outstanding application that allows you to observe the brightest satellites in the sky in real time!

Tracking bright satellites of the earth

I want to warn you right away – this is not the application that you have already seen or put on your phone, where you viewed the constellations or the like. This will surprise no one. We will talk about the Iridium satellites and further in the text I will try to explain what and how it works.

The satellites 'Iridium' are capable of brightly reflecting sunlight, letting the 'sunbeam', so to speak, into the very place where we are. In terms of the degree of brightness and the way it all happens, it resembles a burning comet that fell into the atmosphere of our planet.

What are these satellites

It is a worldwide operator of satellite communications with coverage in 100% of the Earth's area, in the number of 66 satellites. And most importantly, these are some of those satellites with one of the smallest orbital heights, which in turn makes it possible to observe such phenomena. I suggest reading more about 'Iridium' on Wikipedia, here is the link.

Tracking the bright satellites of the earth

As for the application

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The program tracks your location and satellites in orbit. By comparing them, the application shows how much and with what brightness the satellite will fly over your head.

Each satellite will have its own brightness (for example, on a full moon, the moon has a brightness of -12), the satellites, as I observed, have a brightness of -9. In the application, you can set an alarm, and, for example, in three minutes Siri a minute will be counted down by voice by voice. You, in turn, open the application and start tracking. A camera with augmented reality will open in the application, where you will be positioned in space and will illuminate on the screen with a circle the place in the sky where the satellite will fly at a given time.

It will look spectacular, as if at a given moment about which you know, a meteorite falls where you know.

I won't talk about the program settings, just because it is not necessary. I have already described the most important thing, this is setting the alarm clock and how it all works. Oh yes, in the settings there is an item where you need to choose for what period of time to show future satellite flights. There are options: in 24 hours, in two days, in three. I immediately chose in seven days, so it's clearer. And another tip, if you know that you are going out of town and there is not very good at catching the Internet (it is needed to set up your positioning on the map), then I advise you even before leaving, when there is Internet, set up the point where you will be and set it up upon arrival manually.

Tracking the bright satellites of the earth

[Link to download the application]

If you don't want to bother with the settings, then just set the values ​​like mine, screenshots with the settings follow below.

Tracking the bright satellites of the earth Tracking the bright satellites of the earth Tracking the bright satellites of the earth

I hope that I will continue to find interesting applications in the Apple Store, test them and tell them.

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