Traffic Laws

Traffic Laws

Being in a car on a busy highway, you just need to be familiar with the rules of the road. And you need to know them in advance before getting behind the wheel. Perhaps most of the accidents and road traffic accidents could have been avoided if the driver had the necessary skills and knowledge of traffic rules.

Despite the fact that all drivers are trained in a driving school, not everyone leaves it as a professional. Many people forget some part of the rules, or do not know how to navigate in them. How wonderful it would be to have a guide with the necessary minimum knowledge for the driver.

As for the 'paper' traffic rules, they can get wrinkled, get dirty, lost. And it will be quite difficult to find at the right moment any point of the rules, or the meaning of a certain sign. It is a different matter when it comes to 'electronic rules of the road', and such rules exist. They are implemented in the 'Rules of the road' application for iPhone. The program will be a very convenient tool for repeating certain points of traffic rules.


– Latest updates of traffic rules

– Penalty table

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– Regional codes

– Road signs

– Search system

– Telephone directories of USB and traffic police numbers throughout Russia

– Ability to add your own phone numbers

– The app is free

Install from AppStore: Traffic Rules

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