True Skate – skate on fingers

True Skate - skate on fingers Skateboard – this four-wheeled board has conquered most of the planet, but what to do is you ride the subway, or sit on a boring pair, and your soul asks for ramps, in which case True Skate will help us. Skateboard simulator app. In the game we are given a skate park and a board. The controls are very simple, like a fingerboard, fingers will replace feet. One club pushes, and the other either turns the board, or is in the air, when driving it is not always needed. To jump, you need to swipe your finger from the tip of the board to its base, this will be done on the spot, or while riding, you decide. In order for the board to rotate when jumping, you need to slide your finger from one side to the other. At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with tutorials with examples. True Skate - skate on fingers You can just ride and jump along the tracks, or you can, or even need to, complete missions. They are here in tricks, or walking a distance. In the game for iPhone, you can change the camera view: normal, low, close, fisheye (as in the video), close fisheye. True Skate - skate on fingers If you stand at an inconvenient point on the track, then by pressing the return button, you will be moved to one of the convenient places on the track. For well-performed tricks, they give points (TC), then you can use them to buy missions, or to tune the skate. After a successful trick, you are given 30 seconds to make a combo, that is, during this time you need to do as many tricks in a row as possible, the points will be summed up for each feint, and plus all this will be multiplied by the number of tricks done in a row. If during this time you fall, turn over with the wheels up, then the counting will stop. True Skate - skate on fingers It happens so that they took a good acceleration, have already started jumping, but something went wrong, and the trick is ruined. In this case, the application has a rewind. By clicking on it, you rewind your actions, releasing the button, you can play further. There is one native park in the application, but for one dollar you can buy an indoor track. The game turned out to be good, good graphics, realistic special effects.

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