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Try on a virtual clock Try on a virtual clock The German watchmaking company Botta-Design has released a special application for owners iPhone that allows you to 'try on' the new UNO 24 watch. The virtual clock correctly displays the date and time, synchronizing with the time on the device. Their peculiarity lies in the non-standard way of displaying the time. The watch hand is guided by the position of the sun in the sky. It runs on the dial for all 24 hours, and after crossing the time interval equal to 'zero' it changes the date. The application itself will work after downloading a special document from here and then printing it. you need to print the drawn bracelet with the company logo on the printer and put it on your hand. Try on a virtual clock Try on a virtual clock Also, the Botta-Design application allows you to take a picture of your wrist with a watch, and then save the photo or share it with friends. The company became the first watch company in the world to offer users to 'put on' a virtual watch. Try on a virtual clock Try on a virtual clock The new technology presented by Botta-Design in the application of the same name is unique in its kind. Virtual stores are gaining more and more popularity. And if technologies develop further in this and other related directions, then perhaps in the future we will be able to project in space or even hold an object in our hands in real time. The app is a great marketing ploy by Botta-Design. This performance is commendable. The application is free, you can download it from the link below. Botta-Design website. Install from AppStore

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