Tsarsky VK on iPhone with the ability to listen to music

Most recently, the official Vk client lost its music. We have already found a huge number of ways to work around this problem, described many applications for downloading music to an iPhone from our beloved “Vkontakte”, including how to download the old Vkontakte application. However, there is also an advanced client for Vkontakte, the so-called Tsar VK client for iPhone with the ability to listen to music, offline mode and other buns. And his name is Tsarsky VK. You don't have to look for it in the AppStore, it is not there of course because the application is unofficial. Now we'll tell you how to install Tsarsky VK on an iPhone with music.

How to download Vk Settings or VK ++

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Before downloading Tsarskiy VK for iPhone for free, you need to uninstall the official version of VK, as well as the official BOOM application for listening to music offline from VK.

  1. So, after removing the official version, open the Safari browser on your phone and enter – appvalley.vip in the address bar. Click on 'Install AppValley'. The phone will start to swear that the website is trying to open a configuration profile. Click 'Allow'. Vk Settings - royal VK [Free]
  2. Next, a new profile will appear in the configuration profile – Website Profile for AppValley, click on the 'Install' button and 'Finish'. Vk Settings - royal VK [Free]
  3. The new downloaded AppValley application appeared on the desktop. Open this application, go to the 'Library' folder and click on the 'Apps Browse' icon.
  4. To download Tsarsky VK to an iPhone, you need to type the name VK ++ in the search bar and install it on your smartphone by clicking on the 'Get' button, then 'Install'.
  5. Vk Settings - royal VK [Free]

  6. We are waiting for the application to finish downloading. Go to the 'Settings' of the phone, then 'General', open the section 'Profiles and device management'. Click on 'Trust Changsha ITOGIS Technology CO., Ltd'.

We open our VK ++ and take full advantage of all its useful functions.

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