Turbo Wheels – cars without brakes

Turbo Wheels - cars without brakes A fun arcade game that proves that size is second to none when it comes to real competition. The main thing is that the desire to win overflows your engine, burning tires on the way to the finish line! Turbo Wheels is a game for iPhone in the racing genre, but these races are unusual, because instead of roaring sports cars, you have to drive cute mini-cars, conquering track after track. And the ability to update and improve the car in the process of passing – adds excitement. Turbo Wheels - cars without brakes Among the features of the game:

  • – 4 race modes, including time trial;
  • – 25 mini cars to choose from;
  • – 16 tracks for competitions, in four countries.

Instead of a plot or some kind of backstory, in Turbo Wheels it all comes down to a simple goal – to bypass all the rivals along the way, and come to the finish line first. Interestingly, there are no brakes in the game as a class, since the developers simply decided to save the player from this 'unnecessary' option. There are two types of resources in the game – coins and gems. They are used when upgrading cars, and here the player's choice is already – you can earn them by winning the race, or simply buy them for donation. When choosing the second option, of course, everything will go faster. And it is worth noting that the enemy is angry here, they quickly step on the heels, and until you get the hang of it, you will often lose. Turbo Wheels - cars without brakes Probably the only drawback of Turbo Wheels is the lack of 'chips' control and speed control. After a while, everything becomes too monotonous, and you can get bored corny. But if the developers took the trouble to expand the control of the cars, added the option to change the camera angle and various weather special effects, it would be really cool! Although, apart from the points described above, everything else in this game is done just fine! Separately, it is worth noting the cool cartoonish graphic component, which I liked. In general, we can say that Turbo Wheels is worth its money and can be recommended to those who are tired of fancy supercars, cool special effects, and just want to have a good time.

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