Tviz: more than a TV program

Tviz: more than a TV program Digital television has deprived the periodicals of the press of the need to publish the TV program for the coming week. You can find out it with one press of the button on the TV remote. Why do you need a separate application that does the same? The answer is under the cut … Tviz: more than a TV program Tviz is an application that displays the TV program guide on all TV channels available in Russian cities. I also thought that in the era of digital television, when the TV program guide is available from the TV remote control, that Tviz is useless, but I was mistaken – the program has several unique features, for example, there is a function to notify you about the start of your favorite movie, TV show or sports program. Tviz: more than a TV program The program works simply and even intuitively: choose a city, add TV channels, sort them in the order you need, and you're done – the program for the next week is before your eyes. Tviz can only display central, regional, sports and other types of TV channels of your choice. All channels are grouped and displayed in alphabetical order. There are a lot of them, so sorting and interactive search are designed to make it easier to find your favorites. Tviz: more than a TV program Another great feature of Tviz is the TV program recognition feature. Give the program access to the microphone, press the button with the logo when an unknown program, series or TV show is on TV – the application will automatically recognize digital content and display information about it: photos, announcements, detailed descriptions and useful links. Tviz: more than a TV program Tviz also has a scheduling function: select the content you want from the TV program, set a reminder timer (at the start time, 5 minutes in advance, or specify your time) and the program will notify you in advance about the start of your favorite movie, sports TV show or music concert – convenient! Tviz: more than a TV program Tviz does not contain ads and in-app purchases, is distributed free of charge, that is, it is not monetized in any way. The cumulative rating at App Store is almost a full 5 stars – in my opinion, deservedly so.

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