UC Browser – saving on traffic 85% [Free]

UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] The new version of the most 'economical' Internet browser UC Browser for iPhone has learned to download videos from YouTube and Vkontakte, and now uses cloud technologies to the maximum. Cellular operators are constantly reporting new advances in mobile data transmission. Now 3G is deployed, then LTE, while promising mega-speeds. In fact, everything remains as before – the Internet barely crawls and now and then disappears. At least, I have not yet been able to find a city in which the connection would work perfectly. Developers of traditional browsers such as Chrome, Safari and even paid iCab prefer to ignore this state of affairs. And therefore, sometimes, while waiting for the next page to load, you want to throw your own iPhone against the wall. UC Browser is a completely different matter. For more than five years, its Chinese creators have been honing traffic optimization and compression technologies. This is done by a special cloud server through which all information passes. Because of this, surfing with the app becomes fast even on the slowest connection. At the same time, the amount of transmitted information is reduced to 90%, which is quite important in conditions when even the most unlimited tariffs of our operators are in fact more than limited. If you use UC Browser while roaming, especially international, this compression can save you a fortune. UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] In the new version of their browser 8.9 for iPhone, which came to me for testing, the developers decided to go even further, expanding their comfort zone and watching online videos. I have always considered it a dubious pleasure to watch them on my phone, all because of the same connection speed. Watching plots constantly fading at the most interesting place can bring pleasure only to a masochist. The developers of UC Browser have elegantly bypassed this problem. The browser, when you click on the video, simply offers this video to download in order to watch it later without any interruption. Since the download is in the background, you can safely continue surfing at this time. The current version of UC Browser works seamlessly with Youtube.com and, which is especially nice, with our native 'VKontakte'. As a rule, most foreign developers do not see our social network point-blank. Another innovation of UC Browser, which also allows you to compensate for unstable connections, is the cloud download mode. If a file is downloaded very slowly, it can be easily redirected to the UC cloud storage by first logging in there. And then, for example, through high-speed Wi-Fi, save everything accumulated there to the phone. Thus, there is no need to mess around with remembering links and bookmarks. The developers of the main competitor of UC Browser – the Opera Mini browser, which also compresses the transmitted traffic, have something to think about. UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] In the new version of UC Browser, the developers have focused not only on optimization, but also on beauty. The browser now has 20 theme designs. And in order to change them, you just need to shake iPhone, as in the case of switching songs. In exactly the same way, the change from the daytime mode of design to the night mode with more faded colors occurs. The main thing here is not to get too carried away by shaking, otherwise the phone inadvertently can jump out. UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] There are a few more features in UC Browser that, although they were already in the latest versions of the program, are still unique. For example, a built-in QR code reader. Its icon appears in the upper left corner of the screen when you click on the address bar. Because of this feature, there is no need for a third party application. It is strange that no one has thought of such a logical function for a browser before. UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] In addition, the developers are smart about downloading files. They are sorted into folders, depending on their type and, best of all, are downloaded in the background, which significantly saves our time. UC Browser - saving on traffic 85% [Free] According to Wikipedia, there are currently 400 million active UC Browser users worldwide. With the new version of the application, it seems that their number will increase significantly. Install from AppStore

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