Ultralingua Dictionary

Ultralingua Dictionary Probably the best dictionary for the iphone. Unfortunately, there is no Russian at all. But for those who speak English, it will be very useful. The size of the program is 61 Mb. When choosing a dictionary, you can change the direction of translation. Verbs are translated in any temporal form. Also, for the specified verb, you can see its presentation in other moods, tenses, numbers, persons and gender. Almost an educational reference. Made a separate tab for numbers. You print numbers, you get the name of this number in the selected language. Direct and reverse translation is possible for almost all major European languages:

Translation languages:

English Dictionary English Thesaurus French Dictionary French Thesaurus French – English (Med.) Spanish – English German – English Italian – English Portuguese – English Norwegian – English Latin – English Esperanto – English Spanish – Franch German – Franch Italian – Franch German – Spanish Portuguese – Spanish

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