VEVO – music channel

VEVO - music channel This is not just another piece of music for iPhone. VEVO is perhaps the best of all music channels. And certainly one of those that exist with us. The emergence of new songs and albums, the release of new video clips – all this can be found out 5 minutes after the event, and there is no need to wait for the evening news. It is worth noting the excellent video quality, the image is quite suitable for displaying on a large screen. There is a notification mode about premieres you are interested in, selection for similar genres, display of musical preferences in your region. A big plus, the absence of stupid presenters. As already noted, all music and all videos have been around for a long time. You just need to find what you need. This application is an example of how to make candy out of nothing and one more reason not to turn on the zombie box. VEVO - music channel The program is free. Install from AppStore: vevo

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