ViaMichelin – Maps for Europe [Free]

ViaMichelin - Maps for Europe [Free]

For those who travel to Europe and are going to rent a car, I recommend installing the ViaMichelin app on iPhone. This program is very popular in European countries, and in popularity can be compared with the well-known Yandex.Navigator for Russia. By the way, it also works in Russia, there is only a traffic jam service.


In the application itself, unlike such auto navigators for iPhone, there are no preinstalled maps. The necessary parts of the map are loaded over the network, so the program requires a permanently connected Internet. In Europe, this is not a problem, an unlimited service costs about 10 Euro per month on average.

The beauty of the program is the cards. These are special cards for drivers. With the designation of toll and free roads, highways, junctions, signs and other useful objects.

Of course, the Google maps also have good roads and the route building algorithm works well. But these are more tourist maps. There is no division into main and secondary roads in them – everything is equally yellow and there are many unnecessary details. When you get to a multi-level junction and you need to quickly navigate, google is not an assistant.

ViaMichelin - Maps for Europe [Free]

ViaMichelin - Maps for Europe [Free]

The additional options have very useful things, you can display on the map:

  • Gas stations
  • Parking lots. A very hot topic, especially in Italy.
  • Road loading (traffic jams).
  • Weather
  • Speed ​​measurement posts (only for WebApp).
  • Native, Michelin hotels and restaurants.

ViaMichelin - Maps for Europe [Free]

ViaMichelin - Maps for Europe [Free]

When to apply

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Of course, ViaMichelin will not replace an auto navigator, especially if it's a dedicated standalone device like Garmin.

This application is more suitable for travel planning. Michelin maps can provide a route based on traffic conditions, traffic jams and road repairs. And here is the latest information.

By my example, I can see that sometimes Garmin laid routes on closed roads, and had to switch to ViaMichelin.

A special feature is the fare, which is calculated based on the distance, the price of gasoline and the cost of the toll road. With a consumption of 6-7 liters per 100 km, this information is very close to reality.

ViaMichelin - Maps for Europe [Free]

The program is free and available at App Store. In addition, there is WebApp, i.e. The application can be used simply by going to the Safari browser at the link

And oddly enough, but WebApp has great functionality; in this version, posts for measuring speed are added.

I highly recommend it to those who like fast driving.

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