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Vift - social news aggregator If your social social profile on VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube is formed and you have connected to all the necessary communities and channels, you should know that there are aggregators that allow you to read news from different social networks in one window. We'll talk about one of these applications, meet Vift. Vift - social news aggregator Vift is a news aggregator that accumulates news and messages from friends from VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr in one interface, as well as videos from YouTube. The application is as simple as possible: log into social networks, provide access to view information from your profile (communities and friends list) and get one general news feed. Vift - social news aggregator All content that is available on your profile on individual social networks is uploaded to Vift. Messages and tweets can be viewed in the app window or navigated to Safari. Sorry, YouTube videos cannot be played. Also, you cannot go to YouTube from the news feed and watch it there. Vift - social news aggregator There are no settings or registration in Vift. From the controls there are only 2 buttons: 'Refresh' and 'List of social networks'. The interface is simple, but I can't call it beautiful. The emphasis is clearly not on the design, but on the content, although, as you know, they are 'met by their clothes'. Vift - social news aggregator If you do not need news from some friends or communities, the feed can be customized: information can be excluded and added again. There are bulk actions 'Remove all' and 'Add all'. Vift - social news aggregator In App Store Vift is available at a price of 15 rubles, it is not monetized by ads and in-app purchases. Created and maintained by indie developer Mark Andreev. Support domestic developers.

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