“VIN check” – checking the car by VIN code

"VIN check" - checking the car by VIN code Anyone who in the near future intends to purchase a used car, this application will be a must. From my own experience, I will say that checking the legal cleanliness of a car is more important than its technical condition. In case of malfunctions, a car service will eventually help. But if the documents are not in order, then there is the likelihood of getting rusting real estate in the yard, and the opportunity to raise your level of legal education in the district courts. Do you need it? Having approached the traffic police post, you can break the car for theft. But now there is also a base of bank pledges. Buying a car for which the loan has not yet been paid is also a dubious pleasure. Therefore, it is better to check everything before purchasing, especially since this application allows … "VIN check" - checking the car by VIN code In addition to the traffic police database, in which the restriction on registration actions with the vehicle is checked, the application also includes the base of being pledged by banks, the database of bailiffs and the database of the vugone.info website. The check is done automatically, you just need to enter the captcha of the selected service. "VIN check" - checking the car by VIN code"VIN check" - checking the car by VIN code All the functionality of the application is a field for entering the VIN number. But you can even do without manual input. In modern cars, a set of numbers and letters is duplicated by a barcode. To scan this code, the application has a “Recognize from camera” button. You don't even need to bother the auto seller, just know where the barcode stickers are on the body. You can find out in the application on the reference tab. "VIN check" - checking the car by VIN code This application is hardly useful in everyday life. But for those who buy a car from the hands of VIN checking is like a dinner spoon.

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