Vinci – dozens of inspiring photo editing filters

Vinci - dozens of inspiring photo editing filters Many of you have probably already heard about the sensational Prisma. This is an application for retouching photos in the style of paintings by famous artists. And, I must say, developers did not have to wait long for alternatives from competitors. Less than a month later, a similar application for iOS was released by the developers of the social network VKontakte. Vinci is an application for processing photos on iPhone, which uses neural network technologies for photo retouching, which allows you to achieve really unusual results … The program allows you to take pictures from the Camera Roll or process images taken by the camera on the fly. The first filter that comes to hand allows you to turn an ordinary photo of trees on the street into the most real miniature masterpiece. And clicking on the picture allows you to evaluate the effect before and after. Vinci - dozens of inspiring photo editing filtersVinci - dozens of inspiring photo editing filtersVinci - dozens of inspiring photo editing filters Photo processing is almost instantaneous, and although there are not so many filters available now (exactly 20), the creators of Vinci promise to regularly add new ones, providing users with dozens of new options to choose from. The result can be easily shared on such popular social networks as VK, Instagram and Facebook, or sent to a friend by email. Vinci - dozens of inspiring photo editing filters Despite the fact that the developers were inspired by Prisma, the Vinci application is a completely independent project, the development on which began at the beginning of the summer, and since the test version turned out to be very successful, the team of creators received carte blanche to bring it to release. And positive user reviews confirm that it is not in vain. Yes, while the number of special effects available in Vinci is significantly less than in its more eminent competitor, but it also appeared relatively recently. On the other hand, the speed of photo processing is almost instantaneous! And all this is available for free. So the app is definitely worth recommending for installation!

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