Vio – creating psychedelic music [Free]

Vio - creating psychedelic music [Free] If you are a professional musician, you have probably wondered how to embellish your music by applying new sound effects. But if you have tried a lot of effects, but still haven't found what you need, then I suggest you pay attention to the interesting program Vio for iPhone, which will transform your music into real psychedelic. Vio - creating psychedelic music [Free] The app developers approached the project with enthusiasm. The program is designed in a minimalist style and it is very easy to use. The bottom line is that a sound signal is sent to the microphone in the device, and then it is programmatically distorted in the program. You also have the ability to record music directly to your iPhone. The processed music will have the effect of volume and 'blur', and the sound itself will be similar to the cosmic voices of aliens. Vio - creating psychedelic music [Free] The main concept of the program is that you sing into your device's microphone, then the application processes it using a unique combination of pitch correction, hormoneization and frequency processing, all helping to achieve a wide palette of sounds. While recording music, you can change the distortion by moving the circle across the screen to different corners. In the program settings, you can change the distortion effect, there are 3 of them, but if this is not enough for you, then you can purchase others. You can also customize the color screen on which the crystals move during playback, creating a psychedelic effect. As with many music programs, Vio allows you to set the beat rate and key, as well as adjust the quality of the music recording, which can then be downloaded to your computer or posted to SoundCloud or Dropbox. Vio - creating psychedelic music [Free] The program will be useful and interesting for creative musicians who are trying to find a new sound for themselves.

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