VLC – hello again [Free]

VLC - hello again [Free] More than two years later, one of the most popular VLC media players has returned to the AppStore. The developers were finally able to resolve all licensing conflicts and now the VLC program for iOS has become open source. The player gained its fame thanks to the versions for Windows and Mac, which support most video codecs. VLC - hello again [Free] One of the main advantages of VLC is its absolute freeness, in contrast to such popular players as AVPlayer, which also allows you to upload a movie to iPhone, but for which you have to pay 99 rubles. Compared to the previous version, the player has the ability to download videos from the Internet, download videos via Wi-Fi, and view from Dropbox. Unfortunately, at the moment the program does not support other cloud storages, such as Google Disk, Mega, Box.net, but let's hope that the developers will take into account this shortcoming in the updates. All these functions are available in one menu, which is invoked by clicking on the cone icon in the upper left corner. VLC - hello again [Free] The program settings menu turned out to be rather meager. Here you can password protect the program, select the subtitle encoding, configure the deblocking function, allow changing the audio speed and playing audio in the background. VLC - hello again [Free] The program developers did not write the supported video file formats, but most AVI and MKV files are played without problems, although the program gives a message for some movies that the device is too weak for it. Also, when playing a video, you can adjust its brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and gamma by clicking on the thumbnail icon during video playback. VLC - hello again [Free] VLC-player may well win its place in every iOS – device, especially since it is distributed free of charge.

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