VocaLive is the first virtual vocal processor for iPhone

VocaLive is the first virtual vocal processor for iPhone

Musicians are not deprived of the attention of application developers for iPhone, but VocaLive stands out even against the background of numerous karaoke programs and vocal tutorials. Proudly called the first virtual vocal processor, VocaLive was designed primarily for professional vocalists and songwriters.

What can VocaLive do? First of all, the program allows you to rehearse and prepare for a performance, allowing you to store single and multi-channel recordings. By connecting a microphone and headphones, the performer will be able to record and listen to the sound of his own voice, load a melody and superimpose a voice processed with special effects on it. Any operations for vocal processing and voice overlay are available to users of this powerful vocal processor.

VocaLive is the first virtual vocal processor for iPhone

Vocals processing effects in VocaLive:

1) Five vocal effects available in real time, when there is a simultaneous voice recording with instant processing and application of tone correction, a chorus harmonizer, the use of a modifier, voice doubler and de-esser to eliminate otherworldly noises – wheezing and hiss when recording a voice. All program effects are available 'by default' according to generally accepted standards, but the settings can be changed as the user wants.

2) Seven sound effects for overdubbing on an already saved voice recording, including parametric equalizer, reverb, sound track delay effect, compressor, chorus sound, floating sound effect and autoquaker.

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Also, using the VocaLive application, you can download ready-made phonograms from the library of a smartphone or PC for voice recording with a ready-made sound track, sing along with the 'backing tracks' when the voice recording mode is turned off when playing a melody like in karaoke, set up a metronome for vocal warm-up and much more.

VocaLive is the first virtual vocal processor for iPhone

VocaLive is a powerful app for beginners and professional vocalists, available in both a paid and a free trial on the AppStore.

Developer: IK Multimedia

Current version: 1.0.1

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 4.0.

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