Voice Actions – almost Siri for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4

Voice Actions - almost Siri for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 What is Siri? With the release of iPhone 4S, thousands of articles are being written about it. From the description of the program, you can find out that this is a service that specializes in voice control. From the promo videos, it is clear that this application is not only able to recognize basic voice commands, but also capable of answering various questions. Starting from “Who is the President of the United States” to information on the exact date of the end of the world. Siri has become the most delicious feature of the new phone. But what about us, the owners of the previous versions iPhone. So far, they have not managed to adapt this program for them. But if you really want to try, then try Voice Actions. In terms of its functionality, the application repeats the famous Siri. There is one thing, but you need to be able to speak English well. So far, Voice Actions, like Siri, understands only this language. Moreover, the pronunciation must be good, otherwise the question or command will be misunderstood. In addition to simple, all questions of interest: “Who is Mr. Putin?” and “How old is Barack Obama?” you can ask about the weather in Greenland, the availability of tickets for the Traktor – Neftekhimik match and ask for advice in which bank is more profitable to place a deposit. The program will launch the required application, as in the version with the weather, or transfer you to the Amazon website in the ticket purchase section, or simply send you to google. By the way about Google. It was this company that created a similar service for Android, and I think it is behind the entire server side of processing requests. Although completely different developers are declared in the description of the program in the AppStore. Not surprisingly, Apple and Google have long-standing friendships in competing products, it's strange that Voice Actions appeared in the store at all. Here's what else you can do in the program: – Read and send a message – Set an alarm and a reminder – Select and listen to music – Dial a phone number or call a subscriber from the phone book – Get a translation into another language – Find news, images, places, videos From inconveniences it is worth noting the need to know English, and the slowdowns in processing requests. Apparently Siri really requires support for a more powerful processor on iPhone 4S. Voice Actions - almost Siri for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Install from AppStore

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