Voice translators for iPhone, review-comparison of the best programs

Voice assistants are increasingly pouring into our lives. They are both in App Store and in the built-in functionality iPhone, take the same Siri. Our today's review is unusual – we will compare and try to identify the best free voice translators for iPhone: iTranslate Voice , Google Translate and SayHi Translate . How convenient it is to use them, and how they do the job.

Voice translators for iPhone, review-comparison of the best programs

iTranslate Voice

Voice translators for iPhone, review-comparison of the best programs

So, the trick of this voice translator for iPhone is that you just need to speak a word in Russian and the application will answer you in the same way, only in another, preselected language.

The application interface is madly similar to the interface Siri. Even the sound when you click on the 'Say text' icon is very similar to that in the assistant. Between the language buttons there is a volume control button, and in the menu that opens when you click on it, you can choose the speaker – a man or a woman and the speed of pronunciation of the translated text. By the way, a useful option is the ability to clear dialogs. All you have to do is drag the page down and an action similar to the update on Twitter or mail at iOS 6 will take place.

Voice translators for iPhone, review-comparison of the best programs

A very useful feature of this translator for iPhone is the ability to recognize the end of a sentence and 'shake to speak'. The former will find the intended point in your speech, and the latter will pronounce the translation result to you again.

In order to conduct the experiment, we will take such a cunning phrase: 'You can't just take and translate something from English into Russian and vice versa'

The application did not do a very good job, giving out something tricky. But, however, neither better nor worse than the others, look further.

However, a huge number of languages ​​are available in the translator. From English with German to Korean and Norwegian. The huge range of languages ​​will allow you to communicate with foreigners with ease. All you need is normal pronunciation of words, not porridge in your mouth, and the presence of the Internet.

Voice translators for iPhone, review-comparison of the best programs

If you need to talk, for example, with a resident of China or India, and you do not have an interpreter, then this is definitely a way out. Buy a local SIM card and chat as much as you like.

So, looking back at all the above pluses and minuses, we can safely say that there are more pluses. But don't forget about traffic abroad, which is very expensive nowadays.

Google Translate

Voice translators for iPhone, review-comparison of the best programs
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The speed of text translation by this voice translator for iPhone is quite high. It gives results very quickly. Even if you say a whole sentence, the program will give you translation results almost immediately. Everything is fast and beautiful. Minimalistic interface, neat buttons, icons and more.

Voice translators for iPhone, review-comparison of the best programs

To activate the application with voice, just click on the microphone near the text input field and the application will start reading your voice.

Perhaps the two most important features of the application that will make you run to App Store and download the application is its price – for free, and support for the Russian language.

Naturally, the application works with the API Google. And this is his huge plus. But alas, the translator does not support translation of the dialogue. That is, one speaks 'into the microphone' and the application translates his speech, then the other does the same, and so on, as it is implemented in iTranslate Voice.

Voice translators for iPhone, review-comparison of the best programs

The application coped with the very intricate phrase that I gave above, just like everyone else.

SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate voice translation

It's hard to believe that this app is capable of intelligently translating speech from one language to another. This is clear at least from the screenshots provided by the developer on the application page in App Store. And the big red button labeled 'Done' on the very first screen just makes you sick. In addition, the developers did not even bother to translate the settings menu, leaving it in English. True, at least the interface is more or less pleasant. However, the voice translator does not outperform its primary rival iTranslate Voice, which was mentioned above.

As far as translation goes, the app handled it just like iTranslate Voice and Google Translate. Everything is exactly the same. Just to end the speech, unlike all the other programs in this review, here you have to press the button with the disgusting text 'Done'. Yes, the function can be enabled in the settings, but by default it is disabled. The interface is terrible. It is inconvenient to interact with incorrectly recognized test sections, that is, to edit the 'unrecognized' field, you need to click on the field, then click on the arrow in the context menu, since the number of fields on the screen simply does not fit, and then on the untranslated 'Edit' field.

SayHi Translate voice translator

I was very upset by the menu that appears when you click on the question mark at the top. 'Russian help' and 'English help'. The application recognized Russian speech from the fifth time, all the other above programs – from the first or second. And question marks in case of a translation error from English (!) Are generally fire.


If we test all voice translation programs for iPhone with the same phrase, we get … the same result, right down to the comma. And this is not surprising, because all similar applications use the service in one way or another Google.

voice translators for iphone

In practice, you get a different kind of shell from the free Google Translate. It's just a matter of taste. Perhaps the most convenient voice translator is iTranslate Voice. There is a neat interface and well-thought-out functionality here.

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